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v0.10 Namtok Than Sadet

Namtok Than Sadet

Photo by Maria Goroshko

Why Namtok Than Sadet?

Namtok Than Sadet is a national park on the island Pha-ngan. This release is about timeouts, Pha-ngan is a place without time, so it is a perfect match 🏝

This release introduces timeout operator and prepares the ground for the upcoming improvements in operations cancellation. Furthermore, it includes a couple of fixes and improvements.

It includes a couple of breaking changes, so please read the migration guide carefully.

Migration guide

Separate Event for Query cancelation

Cancelled Queries were treated as failed before this release. We have added a separate Event .aborted to Query to distinguish between cancelation and failure in v0.9. In v0.10 aborting a Query will not trigger .finished.failure Event anymore. Instead, it will trigger .aborted Event with { params, meta } payload.

Furthermore, we have added a new Event .aborted to Mutation to make it consistent with Query.

New default for supressIntermediateErrors in retry operator

Before this release, supressIntermediateErrors in retry has a false as a default value. Since v0.10 it has true as a default value. If you want to restore the previous behavior, you will have to set it to false explicitly.

Full changelog



Patch Changes

  • a3b87b6: Add missed header Accept in createJsonQuery/createJsonMutation



Patch Changes

  • 4a86b3e: Fix undefined case in isEqual with custom classes with no valueOf
  • ac5e2d8: Support null-prototype objects as first-class citizens in keepFresh operator. Aftershock for release 0.10.3.



Patch Changes

  • 0f30158: Add missed export of JsonApiRequestError



Patch Changes

  • 54d3bf1: Do not stop refreshing if source contains weird object



Patch Changes

  • 8590dfb: Allow passing to connectQuery query with initialData



Patch Changes

  • e8a1385: Support Query with initial data in update operator types



Minor Changes

  • f118011: Finalize separation of .aborted Event in Remote Operation
  • f118011: Add timeout operator
  • f118011: Change default value of supressIntermediateErrors in retry operator
  • f118011: Allow to pass null and undefined to FetchApiRecord, it will be ignored

Released under the MIT License.